Powering Up

B&W MEGTEC is helping power-up lithium-ion battery electrode manufacturing with simultaneous two-sided coating. The benefits of this process include twice the throughput compared to single-side coaters; the need for only one pass through the dryer delivers equal drying of both coated sides; a smaller overall manufacturing footprint compared to tandem lines; and lower capital and operating costs compared to tandem coating lines. Learn more: http://www.babcock.com/en/industry/energy-storage

Battery Electrode Coated Foil

B&W MEGTEC provides service agreements for the ongoing support of the process lines.   These service agreements include remote monitoring, data collection and analysis along with quarterly and yearly preventative maintenance.

The goals of the annual maintenance contract are to maximize the availability of your Li-Ion equipment, provide training opportunities, identify area of improvement, and ensure the equipment is being maintained per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tracking the running conditions against original base line setting and engineering expectations keep the equipment running at top efficiency.

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