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Names Change – Technology Advances

Call it Industrie 4.0, call it Iiot either way B&W MEGTEC has been connecting and monitoring equipment through all the technology advances over the years. As Klaus Schwab outlined in his book, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” technology today allows companies … Continue reading


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Powering Up

B&W MEGTEC is helping power-up lithium-ion battery electrode manufacturing with simultaneous two-sided coating. The benefits of this process include twice the throughput compared to single-side coaters; the need for only one pass through the dryer delivers equal drying of both … Continue reading

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Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) At B&W MEGTEC

Connectivity is everywhere we look.   The buzz word of Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) and 4.0 are in every new article we pick up.  Even at home we now have an APP to alert us when our garage door opener … Continue reading

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